Your Brain May Sleep Without You Even Knowing It


Ever dozed off before your PC at work only to wake up mere seconds later? Tedious job will do that for you. And now imagine that you’ve been driving for 10 hours non-stop, and that you didn’t really have a good night’s sleep before that either. What do you think may happen while you’re at the wheel? That’s right: microsleep can be dangerous.

Now, microsleep sounds as if it’s just an extra short nap that you take when your body says, “I’m done with this.” But what really happens is that you’re both asleep and awake at the same time. You can sit in front of your computer or at a meeting and stare at some random point on the wall opposite you without even being aware of it. That is, until you wake yourself up or someone does this favor for you.

How this thing happened to me 1:15
Becoming a zombie for a few seconds 3:23
❗️ No one’s really safe ❗️ 4:21
What about pilots? ✈️5:28
What happens to you when you have a microsleep episode 6:25
The most dangerous thing of all 8:15
How to get rid of microsleep? 9:35

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– Microsleep is a rather common issue with lots of people. It’s a state when you’re asleep but not quite. The thing is, certain parts of your brain simply shut down during microsleep, while others keep on going like nothing happened.
– I thought microsleep was linked with lack of healthy night’s rest, but it seems well-rested people can also experience it, so no one’s really safe.
– In as early as 1994, NASA conducted a study that proved pilots who had 40-minute naps performed much better in the last 90 minutes of their flight than those who didn’t have the luxury.
– Can you even imagine how dangerous it is for a pilot to zone out during a flight? That’s exactly why it’s mandatory for all civil aviation pilots to have an 8-hour sleep before their next flight.
– During microsleep, areas of the brain responsible for alertness suddenly lit up. If it were normal sleep, they wouldn’t so much as spark, but in this case, they simply burst.
– Microsleep was declared a state in which your brain really wants you to fall asleep, but at the same time it doesn’t feel safe enough to turn you off.
– Many people don’t notice their episodes because they’ve never stopped doing what they were doing, and they don’t even realize they’ve just zoned out of reality.
– You can’t get rid of it completely, but you sure can reduce the time spent in this state. And it’s simple to the point of ridiculous: get quality sleep every night.
– And if you can’t allow that to yourself, at least take several 20-minute naps during the day or one big 1.5-hour nap in the middle of the day.

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