You Can’t See Phones or Cars in Dreams, Here’s Why


You know the feeling. You’re in a familiar place…but everything’s a little off. A stranger is chasing you. Street signs look like gibberish. You’d normally go for your phone, but it’s nowhere to be found. You’re in a dream, and here’s why it’s so different from reality! So what are dreams anyway? And why do we dream?

Well, it’s basically your mind trying to reconstruct reality…and failing. In dreams, everything gets mixed around and turned into a mess by our hidden thoughts and feelings. It’s the emotional side of your brain constructing this world, not the logical part that’s more in control in your waking life. Dreams can be fascinating, terrifying, or just weird. Let’s look at some interesting facts about dreams!


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What are dreams anyway? 00:00
So why don’t we ever see our smartphone in dreams? 0:40
Around 12% of people dream in black and white. 1:05
Why can’t you write or read a message? 1:26
The people you meet in dreams can’t be strangers. 1:55
Why are dreams so weird? 2:12
What do dreams mean? 2:29
There’s no such thing as a dreamless night. 3:00
Then why’s it so hard to remember dreams? 3:26
You can train yourself to remember your dreams. 3:52
Can blind people see dreams? 4:13
Can dreams help you learn better? 4:40
Can dreams make you more creative? 5:00
What about a way to avoid nightmares? 5:24
Is there a difference between nightmares and night terrors? 5:52
Can you make yourself have good dreams? 6:24

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