7-Second Riddles


A new set of would you rather tests and hardest choices ever that will force your brain work! I added a couple of crime riddles and picture puzzles to give your brain some light breaks:

00:14 – Three hard cases for the most brilliant detectives. Can you identify if they are murdered or all these cases are suicides? Only a very observant person will be able to catch all small details to get the whole picture and crack these cool brain teasers. Tough crime riddles to train your brain and boost your logical thinking!
01:43 – A hard personality test to reveal the most extraordinary secrets hidden deep in your soul! Remember that you can only answer A or B, ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I would do both’ aren’t accepted😉 Will you dare you explore the darkest corners of your heart and soul?
04:57 – A tricky picture puzzle to test your attention and general knowledge. You have just 25 seconds to find the mistakes in the picture of a typical day in Ancient Rome. Seems to be a walk in the park? I thought the same😁 How many of them did you spot?
06:06 – Are your eyes strong enough to find out where the criminal is by using only three photos? Be advised, you will have to rack your brain hard and turn on your logic first of all. Don’t let this rascal outsmart you! A hard crime riddle with answers for quick-thinkers only!
07:46 – How to always tic tac toe? An extremely useful life hack for our most favorite game in the world! In childhood, I was the only one who always lost the game because I was thinking too much. It turned out that my strategy was completely wrong, and now I know the secret😈 We still settle matters by playing tic-tac-toe with my friends, so now we’re going to do it my way! A cool trivia to boost your strategic thinking and give you an ace up your sleeve.
08:52 – A thrilling story making you face a hard choice to escape from prison and save your life. This hard riddle requires all your logic and power of observation because the cost of a mistake is so high. So, focus your mind on the four doors: there must be a clue! Only the smartest one will escape this deadly trap, will you? A hard crime riddle with answer to test your logic and survival skills!
10:12 – Would you rather? Fun test to surpsise your brain.

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what would you choose: To kill a puppy or go to prison?

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