7-Second Riddles

You have to solve these 11 difficult survival riddles to stay alive! Test your general knowledge and ability to think outside the box in difficult situations! Be sure to watch these puzzles to improve your survival skills! Try these brain teasers out and share your answers to the most difficult ones.

00:14 – If you love solving survival riddles this one is right for you! Turn your logic on and think twice before answering 😉 Which door should Pete choose?
01:35 – What would you do if you lost in the woods or even got into the haunted castle? This difficult riddle will test your ability to think outside the box!
02:55 – Imagine that you’re on a spaceship! How would you escape? A tricky brain teaser to test your logical skills!
04:02 – A blood-freezing survival riddle with a difficult choice! Which door should Mary choose to stay safe?
05:07 – A survival riddle that will test your logic and critical thinking! What would you do in this situation? Try to give an answer before the time is up!
05:57 – A tricky brain-boosting riddle to test your logic and general knowledge. Which planet should the captain choose and why? Test your IQ with this puzzle!
07:17 – Here is a survival riddle that will test your logic and critical thinking! You are locked up in the room. There are 3 doors, but touching the doorknobs is unsafe. Which doorknob would you turn and why?
08:08 – A tricky riddle on escape that will test your common sense and logical thinking. A hint: you can use anything to get out of the room!
09:32 – Hey, you’re in a famous TV show! To get the money you have to put your hand in one of three tanks. Which tank would you put your hand in and why? Share your answers in the comments 😉
10:34 – A riddle on escape to challenge your logic and test your intelligence! Only a person with IQ 120+ will be able to solve it without any hints. I failed to crack it and so did my friends; will you succeed?
11:54 – This exciting logic riddle on escape will wow your brain and test your survival skills. One of the doors will lead you to $1000000 and the other two…to your death. This riddle with answer will boost your logic like nothing before!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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