Why Unicorns Are So Popular Nowadays


Are unicorns actually real? Well, this question has puzzled people for 3,000 years. According to legends, the unicorn is a wild creature that lives in the forest and represents grace and purity. It’s a strong and powerful beast, which makes it really hard to capture one. Its horn has the power to heal all sicknesses and make poisoned water safe for drinking.

Have you always imagined a unicorn as a beautiful white horse-like creature with a pointed spiraling horn on its forehead? That’s how most people picture them. But there’s not the only description of the mysterious animal…

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What the unicorn looks like (according to legends) 1:01
In what cultures unicorns existed 2:08
What people took for the unicorn 3:48
What the unicorn of the sea is 5:34
The unicorn fish 7:22

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– According to some legends, unicorns looked like goats! Besides one horn, they supposedly also have a goat’s beard, cloven hooves, and a lion’s tail. In fact, this less-than-graceful description is a more traditional version of the unicorn.
– The first mention of a unicorn dates back to the 4th century. Greek physician Ctesias heard descriptions of this unusual creature from travelers who had visited faraway exotic countries.
– The Chinese had their own version of the unicorn called ki-lin. This creature had a multi-colored coat and a 12-foot-long horn protruding out of its skull. People believed that ki-lin brought good luck.
– Some people believed that unicorns were real but lived in remote and hard-to-reach places, while others were sure that unicorns went extinct long ago.
– What people took for this magical creature was an animal called Elasmotherium. It was a rhinoceros species that lived in the steppes of Eurasia. Nicknamed the Siberian Unicorn, this was a huge creature the size of a mammoth that had a big saber-like horn jutting out of its forehead.
– There’s a theory that narwhals are what inspired people to create a beautiful legend about unicorns. Actually, some people still think that narwhals, like unicorns, are creatures of myths and folklore.
– The narwhal’s most prominent feature is the tusk in the middle of its forehead that looks like a horn. It can grow a whopping 9 feet long and protrudes from the left side of the narwhal’s mouth.
– One more kind of unicorn, also known as Naso annulatus, lives in the warm tropical waters of the Red Sea and the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Some species have a long bony horn that grows when the fish matures.
– Even scientists can’t explain the mystery as to why the unicorn fish needs its long horn-like nose.

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