Why Phones Don’t Work in Elevators


People have been to space, they have invented antibiotics, you can chat with your friends with the help of your watch! But once elevator doors close, all our gimmicky phones just quit! But the worst thing is that there’s nothing we can do about it.

In most cases, radio waves easily penetrate all kinds of materials, but massive chunks of solid stuff, such as rock or metal can stop them. For example, if you’ve ever driven in a mountainous region, you might have noticed that your phone signal vanished and reappeared again. This mystery has a simple explanation.

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What magic makes your phone work 0:44
… and what stops radio waves 1:36
What if there were a super strong cell tower? 3:12
Why your phone lets you down in certain grocery stores 3:42
… as well as at concerts and sporting events 5:15

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– Your cell phone is something like a two-way radio. Inside, it has a radio receiver (which gets signals) and a radio transmitter (which sends signals).
– Cell towers begin to send radio waves from one to another until, finally, your coded voice reaches your friend’s phone.
– An elevator is a compact box made of thick sheets of metal and stuffed with electronics.
– In most cases, radio waves easily penetrate all kinds of materials, but massive chunks of solid stuff, such as rock or metal can stop them.
– If there is a cliff or a mountain between your phone and the nearest cell tower, it will easily prevent radio waves from getting to you.
– Something similar takes place when you’re in an elevator. Radio waves from your friend’s phone are desperately trying to reach your cell phone. But they meet a barrier they can’t penetrate.
– But have you ever noticed how your phone refuses to work properly once you enter certain grocery stores?
– Most commercial buildings are built with the help of massive iron supports, are covered with aluminum roof tiles, and have walls filled with concrete.
– But what if I tell you that my phone also regularly lets me down at concerts, big conferences, and even sporting events?
– Apparently, you won’t be the only one who will be eager to share the score with those who haven’t managed to come. That’s why your cell phone must compete with thousands of other phones for the attention of the nearest antennas.
– It may seem very confusing, but the truth is that your phone will know that there is a network out there and that this network does work. But at the same time, it won’t be able to connect to it.

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