Why Objects Fall If There Is No Gravity in Space


Have you ever wondered why stars fall at all if there’s no gravity in space? We have all seen astronauts swimming in the air on ISS like fish in the water. But if you think that it happens because there is zero gravity there, you’ll learn something new today. “Zero gravity” doesn’t mean there is none of it.

If there were no gravity in space the Earth wouldn’t be able to hold the Moon near itself. All the planets and stars would just fly across the Universe freely, bump into each other and – well, it would probably end things really quickly. Gravity can be tiny but never absent, this is one of its laws.

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The Earth’s gravity in the orbit 0:59
The ISS is falling to Earth all the time (Wait, what?! 😮) 1:39
Why ISS can’t rise too high 3:08
Is “zero gravity” a myth? 3:44
Why shooting stars appear in the sky ☄️ 4:23
Where does the star shower come from? 6:00

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– The Earth’s gravity is only 10% less in the orbit than on the ground. If we build a platform 190-250 miles high (it’s the altitude of ISS above Earth) and throw a stone from there it will fall down just the same way as it falls down from your balcony.
– But then why don’t astronauts just walk on the floor of ISS as we do on Earth? The reason for it is that when in the orbit they are in a state of a constant free fall to Earth, and the ISS itself is also falling to Earth all the time.
– Why don’t they raise ISS higher above the Earth where astronauts won’t have to free fall?
– Astronauts can stay on ISS for so long because the uppermost atmosphere protects them from solar radiation.
– At the altitude above 310 miles, there are radiation belts that have a destructive impact on humans.
– If a body is far enough from a space object the gravity of the space object will be too small, and their mutual attraction will roughly balance each other.
– What we take for shooting stars are just small stones floating in space and their orbit or our orbit, makes us run into each other.
– The speed is so high that the air gets super-hot and starts shining.
– In science, shooting stars are called meteors. If parts of meteors do reach the Earth’s surface they are called meteorites. Super bright meteors are called fireballs.
– Hundreds of millions of meteors appear in the atmosphere daily. Their total weight can be thousands of tons.
– Meteors can form as a result of a collision of another planet and a smaller space object.
– Small space bodies can have quite a different direction but if they come too close to the Earth, its gravity will turn them around and pull down.
– Astronomers watch closely all the big space objects that could potentially get too close to our planet when moving along their orbit.
– If you trace the way of meteors on the sky it will seem that they all fly out of the same spot. It is called a meteoroid stream radiant.

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