Who’s THE LIAR? 🤔 Difficult Riddles That’ll Make You Think Fast

7-Second Riddles

These difficult riddles will wake up your brain and make you think fast! Try to guess who is the liar! If you want to crack riddles easily you need to increase your logical skills. The best tip for sharpening your logical thinking is to solve tricky riddles and brain games every day. After a couple of weeks of daily brain exercises, you’ll start solving puzzles faster!

00:14 – What dish is for Mr. Woolmins? A logic brain teaser that will test your intelligence and increase your IQ!
01:31 – Tom and Lily didn’t believe Hanks. Why? Test your analytical thinking with this tricky puzzle!
02:51 – Who lied to the policeman? Use your logic and critical thinking to find the liar!
04:39 – Why did the police arrest the man? Pay attention to the smallest details to solve this riddle on crime!
06:25 – A short bonus question to boost your IQ! Who is lying? Try to answer before the time is up 😉

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the most difficult for you to solve?

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