7-Second Riddles

Improve your brain power with these crime riddles and IQ tests for kids! Solving tricky riddles for at least 20 minutes a day makes you smart and more attentive to the details. Try to concentrate while solving these tricky brain games cause discipline helps deal with tasks faster. Crack all of these tricky puzzle games and share your answers in the comments below:

00:14 – Who is the thief? This logic brain teaser will test your IQ and increase your critical thinking!
01:44 – Why did they die? A blood-freezing riddle to test your logical thinking and boost your brain speed!
03:03 – Who is the thief? A visual brain game that you’ll easily solve in 7 seconds if you pay attention to the details!
04:11 – Hey, Detective, how attentive are you? Are you ready to test your eyes and catch all the thieves here? Explore this set of fun picture riddles to test your brain power馃暤
06:08 – Laura and Jim were sunbathing on the beach. When they went swimming, somebody stole their bag. Who is the thief?
07:22 – Find all the thieves before the time is up! This set of visual puzzles will increase your attentiveness and train your eyes!
08:53 – #RiddleSolvers, try to find the thief! Use your logic and intelligence to solve this tricky riddle and find who stole the watch!
10:14 – Who is the thief? Check out this brainy puzzle that will test your logic and boost your attentiveness to the details 馃槈
11:56 – Where is the robber hiding? Boost your vision and test your attentiveness with a set of visual puzzles!
13:11 – Here’s a short visual brain teaser to quickly boost your brain and test your logic at the same time! Who do you think is the thief?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the most difficult for you to solve?

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