7-Second Riddles

These detective riddles will test your attention and logic to connect the dots and catch the criminal:

00:14 – Tricky riddle with answer.
This is one of the greatest bets I’ve ever seen in my life and I still can’t get if he is a cheater or a genius! This tricky riddle with answer will definitely make you scratch your brain looking for a a loophole in the rules. If you managed to crack this trick by yourself, then you must the as ingenious as the boy in this riddle! Do you use your super brainpower to cheat people??
01:24 – Who would you choose? – Tricky riddle.
One of the best riddles on making the right choice! This cool riddle teaches people not to be quick on judgements! To be able to make the right decision, you need all the possible information, but more importantly, you have to be able to process the information properly. This tricky riddle will remind you once again that sometimes the obvious choice is not the one you should go for ?
03:08 – Which one is fake? – Cool general knowledge quiz.
Fun general knowledge quiz to test how well you can navigate among the brands and get the right (not fake) ones! If you pass this picture quiz, then you’re a very knowledgeable person who never gets tricked! Be my friend and guide! ?
05:55 – Easy crime riddle that most people fail to solve.
06L56 – Tricky crime riddle.
This tricky crime riddle will challenge your ability to think logically and quickly because time is short and the riddle is really tough! But don’t be afraid and turn on your brain, I believe you can cope with it! If you feel like running short of time, just pause the video and take your time, I won’t tell anyone?
08:35 – Fun magic tricks for kids.
Kids’ favorite magic tricks are revealed and some of these easy tricks you can learn and perform for your kids or friends, they’ll be impressed!
10:17 – Who is the thief? – Detective riddles and Picture puzzles.

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