WHEN I’M TRYING TO HELP || Funny Relatable Situations You Can Recognize

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Funny videos have become extremely popular all over the world recently. One of the reasons is that these videos are a great entertainment option you can watch anywhere. Moreover, hilarious videos help to relieve stress and relax after a hard day. When you laugh your body releases endorphins and trigger positive feelings. Watching funny videos boost your mood and help to fight depression and anxiety.
This time we prepared a compilation of funny everyday moments every person can relate to! We always make something new as we know that you adore these videos. Watch this video and you will find a compilation of funny fails when you try to help your friend.
We all have bad days when we fail to do nearly everything, for example, you have prepared a delicious sandwich for breakfast and it falls to the floor. Fail!. Moreover, you usually find yourself spilling or breaking something. A kitchen is a dangerous place for you as you usually burn something or can’t open everything without getting everything all over the kitchen. You always have a lot of bruises and when friends ask you how you got this bruise you can’t even imagine.

00:09 When you try to help people
03:06 When your BFF is better than you
06:08 Do you have a best friend?
09:16 Annoying situations and fails

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