When Animal Babies Become Independent: Comparison


We all start out as helpless little things and grow into big wise independent adults. But some animals come into this world more self-sufficient than others. For example, a newborn lamb weighs as much as a milk jug. They’re ready to start their own independent life after just 2 months. Zebra calves can stand up on their own after 10-20 minutes. And an hour later, they can run! Most polar bear cubs stay with their mom for a couple of years.

Human babies, however, are a different story. In the very early days of a baby’s life, they can’t lift their heads at all. They average 7 lb, and statistics show most people move out of their parents’ house at 19 years! So how does our human development compare to the animal kingdom? Is this true that human babies are the most helpless? And who has the biggest babies, by the way (it’s not blue whales!). Let’s find out! Check out another compilation of interesting facts about animals!


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