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Only a genius will spot all the mistakes! Are you a genius? If you spot all the mistakes then you definitely are! Test your attentiveness and increase your IQ with these hard riddles with answers. If you want to have a good brain workout, then these cool picture puzzles are right for you. These tricky quizzes and brain games are pretty simple but only for those who have a high IQ score. Being able to spot the mistake and see what’s wrong with the situation is pretty valuable skill nowadays, so it’s time to train your analytical skills:

00:14 – You were walking alone in the park late in the evening. Suddenly a man jumped out of the bushes and grabbed you! A mind-blowing puzzle to test your ability to think fast! What would you do to survive?
01:28 – This difficult brain teaser will boost your thinking and test your intelligence! Can you solve it before the time is up?
02:49 – Challenge your brain with this set of tricky visual puzzles! There are two mistakes in each picture, but only a very attentive person can find all of them (I failed every single one). Try it by yourself and challenge your friends😉
04:44 – A mysterious case only a professional detective can crack. You will have to investigate a strange case on the space station so put your glasses on. This cool riddle with an answer will stretch your brain and boost your logic and deduction skills. You have a perfect chance to show off your brain power🕵😉
05:52 – I can’t stand when people act like that. Which situation is the most annoying for you? Share your thoughts in the comments!
06:56 – A tricky picture riddle based on a true story to blow your mind! Indeed, did she even try to hide the pieces of evidence?! Even a complete fool would find them. I mean, if you did really want to cheat, then you’d better let your partner never know about this! What do you think about cheating on your partner?
07:58 – A set of cool picture puzzles for adults and kids that will increase your IQ level and boost your attentiveness. If you can solve every single one here, then you’re a genius or a superhuman (or just a cheater😉). Which was the most difficult one?
10:10 – A mysterious case of suicide that isn’t so simple as it can seem at first glance. Only an experienced detective with a cold logical mind can figure out what’s wrong with this case, so concentrate and watch carefully!
11:19 – What’s wrong here? Can you find the mistake before the time is up? Check your attentiveness out!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which question was the hardest for you!

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