7-Second Riddles

Speed test your brain with this set of difficult riddles! If you want to know how to improve your intelligence and how to increase your IQ, you should definitely check these puzzles out 😉 Your IQ is above average if you can solve at least half of these riddles without any mistakes 😉 Share your results in the comments! And remember, that solving riddles is always the best way to increase your logic and boost your brain power 😉

00:14 – Warm up your brain and boost your logic with these fun text riddles for kids and adults!
01:35 – One of the best picture riddles out there which is also a logic puzzle! You’ll need your good vision and your logic to figure out what’s wrong in the picture! Normally, people manage to crack only the first picture in the set, but if you are a true genius, you’ll be able to spot What’s wrong in every picture riddle!
03:11 – Sometimes people just do stupid things🤷‍♀️ Can you find out what they’re doing wrong? This is an intermediate level task, so try hard!
04:21 – Who stole the backpack? A tricky logic riddle that will test your overall logic and ability to think fast! Check your skills with this brainy puzzle 😉
05:29 – A set of fun picture riddles to keep your mind sharp over Christmas vacation🎅🎉 Don’t miss your daily brain workout!
06:44 – Who is the robber? It’s a difficult logic riddle that will make you rack your brain and do some hard thinking! Try to solve it before you run out of time!
08:17 – Is anything wrong here? Find out what’s wrong with these pictures before the time is up! This picture quiz is easily solved only by very attentive people!
10:23 – The police found out that someone was going to make an assault upon the Mayor. They knew that the criminal would attack him at the stadium during an American football game. But what does he look like? Try to find the killer before the time is up!
11:18 – Hey, can you see anything weird here? Raise your hand in the comments if you have solved each puzzle in this set!🙋
12:57 – What is wrong? A short visual puzzle to boost your logic and attentiveness!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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