What’d Your Life Look Like If You Were a Bee?


How do bees live in colonies? How do they get their jobs? What’s the role of the queen bee? If you’re looking for the most interesting facts about animals, check out these facts about bees you probably didn’t know. And to make things more interesting let’s imagine what your life would be like if you become a bee for 24 hours! Okay, you open your eyes and look around cautiously. The next moment, you’re internally screaming in horror: you don’t see familiar colors! There’s no use denying the obvious – you’re a honey bee.

Now, you have another problem at hand – you need to figure out what type of bee you are. Are you the Queen? A drone? A worker? You don’t see any other bees – those would be the Queen’s attendants, following her all day, feeding, and cleaning. Plus, you woke up outside the hive, and the Queen hardly ever leaves it. So, you aren’t the Queen. Maybe it’s for the better – despite the title, such bees don’t manage the hive or order work bees around.


How honey bees see the world 00:01
The role of a queen bee 2:20
What drone bees do 3:09
Facts about worker bees 3:46
The bee dance 4:41

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