What Would You Feel on Different Planets


Imagine you’re bored with Earth and packing your bags to blast off into space in search of a new home! You wanna dance in the rain on Venus, play golf on Neptune! Let’s see how doable those and some of your other Earthly activities would be out there in the cosmos! So, you open your eyes in the morning and stand up from your bed. But standing up means having an UP to stand to. In empty space, there’s extremely little gravity, almost none for your senses to make sense of!

And, to be completely candid, there would be no mornings. The Universe is mostly empty space between stars and other objects. But in some areas, matter is pressed so densely that it forms black holes. And if you pass the event horizon, you’re crossing a border where mornings simply do not exist because time doesn’t pass at all! And if you accidentally fell into a black hole, the difference in gravity between your head and feet would be so immense, your body would get stretched out like a spaghetti noodle.


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