What Happens When a Dog or Cat Becomes a Mayor


Elections are one of the most awaited events in a country. And picking the most intelligent and responsible representative is definitely a must. Most of us have our very own expectations, but seeing a cat or a dog on your ballot isn’t one of them.

Non-human electoral candidates: this is the term coined for animals who run for a specific office. There are, surprisingly, a lot of amazing cases all over the world. In case you’re wondering why and how this happened, the answer would be either a kind of protest or purely for entertainment purposes. So what would happen if a dog or cat has been elected as a Mayor?

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Alaska mayor, Stubbs the cat😺 1:27
Bosco the dog 2:26
Duke, dog mayor of small Minnesota town 🐶 4:20
Cacareco the Rhinoceros 4:49
Tiao the monkey 🐵 5:22
How about inanimate objects being elected? 5:56

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– A small town in Alaska called Talkeetna, elected Stubbs, a cat, as their Mayor in 1997.
– Since there were no real elections, Stubbs being the Mayor was mostly for marketing purposes.
– An improved economy and less complaining from the residents: they seemed to be pretty satisfied with their furry Mayor.
– For 13 amazing years, Bosco Ramos served the town of Sunol, in California. This Black Lab, Rottweiler mix was elected Mayor during the 1981 election.
– This canine Mayor was doing very well. The media couldn’t get enough of him, and actually turned him into quite the celebrity.
– During his term, he would often visit the citizens of his town by strolling around while wearing his signature red bandana.
– Another story of an elected dog mayor is Duke. He also won a landslide vote from 9 out of 12 citizens in one of the smallest towns in Minnesota.
– In 1958, a Rhinoceros named Cacareco, from the São Paulo zoo, was included in the City Council Elections.
– The government officials didn’t actually accepted her candidacy, but according to the data that was taken during that election, she won with 100,000 votes.
– Another famous case was a Chimpanzee named Tiao, who ran for mayor of Rio de Janeiro in 1988.
– Sadly, all the votes were marked as ‘Null’, but he reportedly won 400,000 votes, putting him in third place.
– In Ireland, during the 1997 presidential election, a famous Irish television puppet ran for office.
– Since all of our mentioned candidates will never be able to perform the duties humans can, they never had any official responsibilities, or had to pay any taxes, or hire any secretaries.

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