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By Suchit Mohanty
Lately, there has been a surge in the searches related to premium in Roblox, especially Bloxburg.
Before we head to discuss how it works in Bloxburg, let’s take a brief look at what premium is. Well, the premium is the game pass in Bloxburg that’s available for R$400, which offers tons of exclusive features for the buyers. 
Just like any other game passes of Roblox, Premium in Bloxburg also has a set of exclusive offers and features for the subscribers. It includes affordable bills for all purchases in-game, comparatively higher daily rewards which have no cap. Also, each player gets a unique nametag which makes them stand different from those who haven’t purchased the game pass.
In addition, you get a higher donation limit, this means there is no restraining on donating friends or randoms. You also get a unique trophy that you can use to showcase in your profile.
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As mentioned, Premium in Bloxburg is the same as Gamepass for Roblox. So, all you have to do is simply, head to the Roblox website, search the game and make the purchase. After successfully purchasing, you can run through the exclusive features and unblocked options in Bloxburg.
As a Premium Member of the game, you can help other players by donating them or even boosting your own second account. Also, you can host giveaways that will surely make you popular among the players.
On top of that, the unique tag system allows you to change your name without any restrictions. You can change it if you’re getting spammed by other players for donations or giveaways. The plot location changing feature allows you to find a suitable area for you to live, preferably around the beach or the mountains.
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