What Actually Happened to BITCOIN?


2007. Japan. The mysterious man named Satoshi Nakamoto starts working on his new bold idea – a concept of bitcoin. When it appeared, nobody knew how huge it’ll become. The first bitcoin purchase was 2 pizzas! However, right now bitcoin is far from being on top. So what happened?

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How it all started 0:35

The first bitcoin transaction (buying two pizzas!) 1:41

A golden year for bitcoin 2:59

Why everything went downhill 3:19

Wanna get into cryptocurrency? Here’re options to choose from:

– NEO 6:01

– Monero 6:35

– Litecoin 7:13

– Dash 7:51

– Ethereum 8:24

Does cryptocurrency have a future? 9:05

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– On August, 18, 2008 Bitcoin.org was anonymously registered. Just 2 months later Nakamoto published a white paper called Bitcoin – A Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System, explaining the whole idea behind the bitcoin.
– In October 2009 bitcoin exchange rate was finally revealed – 1 dollar equalled 1.309 bitcoins.
– By the beginning of 2011 1 bitcoin was worth 1 dollar. With all the buzz around it 4 months later it was already 31 dollars against 1 bitcoin.
– In April of 2013 it hit the new height of 266 dollars. In November of the same year 1 bitcoin went up to 1.242 dollars!
– By the beginning of 2018, its price beat all the records going all the way up to mind-blowing 13.000 dollars!
– Some countries aren’t fans of cryptocurrency as well, including the US. In 2018 the US Securities and Exchange Commission made it clear that the operators of 2 initial coin offerings must pay fines and restitution.
– Analysts also have another theory for bitcoin fall – the division within the cryptocurrency community.
– NEO reached its all-time peak back in 2017 when it valued about 162 dollars. Today, however, it equals only a little bit over 9 dollars for one token.
– Monero is an open-source cryptocurrency that first came to market in 2014. It’s highly private, safe, and leaves no trace whatsoever.
– Litecoin was created back in 2011 by a former Google engineer Charlie Lee. It’s one of the first cryptocurrencies launched and is even called a “silver to bitcoin’s gold!”
– Dash or as it often called darkcoin was developed in 2014 by Evan Duffield. It’s basically a more private version of popular bitcoin.
– Ethereum is a whole platform run on its own unique token called ether. The pre-sales for ethers were launched in 2014 and the platform itself started working in 2015.
– Bitcoin advocates say that the number of things you can buy with cryptocurrency grows faster and faster.
– Government regulations of cryptocurrency are very important. The more countries accept it, the more comfortable cryptocurrency investors feel!
– Some specialists say that bitcoins can lay a great basis for countries with weak national currency, especially considering the fact that nobody has direct control over their price.

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