Weirdest Places People Got Stuck


Cement can be a sticky thing to get out of, and this guy certainly got stuck while it dried! Let alone these other weird places that people couldn’t get out of, from sitting on a toilet for 2 years, to a real life woman stuck in a chimney!

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Welcome back, Richest fans! We’ve all done something embarrassing at some point in our lives. Those that state otherwise aren’t speaking the truth! Anyway, for most people, they only have to deal with their shame. Yet for some that have become stuck in a weird place, their ordeal is filmed and photographed as help arrives. Even news sites will hunt them down and make them go over their humiliating story. Which is exactly what we’re doing today! We’re going to look at the most bizarre places that people have become wedged within.

Now, for the spoiler section. If you don’t want any, you better watch the video instead of reading! Our first story involves a worker getting stuck behind a cash machine/ATM in Texas. We also have a story of a failed jail escape by a prisoner in Argentina. Another story involves how a worker fell into a cement mixer in San Francisco! Next up, the tale of how a woman became trapped in a chimney in Los Angeles. Following that, we have a priest in Illinois struggling to get out of handcuffs. After that, we have a tale about an Australian toddler who wanted to grab a prize from a claw machine. Another entry involves an EMT who got her hand stuck inside a toilet! Gross. We also have the story of Pam Babcock from Kansas. She was purposely stuck in a bathroom for two years! Then, there’s the tale of a teen from Alabama who made a mistake when attempting to scare her friends with a Barney costume. We also have Boris Johnson on a zipwire and a nude man lodged in a washing machine! It’s a fun video so come and watch!

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