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Screenshot: CNN YouTube
Andy Cohen recently co-hosted a New Year’s Eve CNN special and has received some backlash online in return.
Watch clips from the viral live broadcast and discover the social media uproar it has sparked.
American television host Andy Cohen celebrated the New Year alongside journalist Anderson Cooper with CNN.
In a live broadcast from Times Square, the presenters were shown drinking multiple shots while laughing, joking and reporting the news that night.
Aside from making jokes and drinking, Cohen also slammed some people in the public eye.
Referring to Seacrest’s ABC broadcast on the night of 31 December as “[a bunch] of losers that are performing behind us”, he also blasted the former New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.
Andy Cohen just dragged Bill DeBlasio up and down 7th Avenue #CNNNYE
Many viewers were surprised that CNN allowed their hosts to become supposedly intoxicated on live television.
Sooo CNN let’s the talent get totally drunk on live TV now?
The CNN New Year’s Eve special caused some uproar online as members of the audience complained to the channel regarding Cohen’s behaviour.
It is appalling that @CNN keeps allowing their New Years Eve anchors & hosts to get drunk on the air. So unprofessional. Time to fire #andycohen He shouldn’t be allowed to own a TV, let alone broadcast on one. And this from a network that fired @kathygriffin Seriously?!?
Some responses even suggested that Cohen would wake up the next day with regretful feelings.
Lol #andycohen is gonna wake up tomorrow like
Amongst the seemingly serious comments are some light-hearted reactions.
A Twitter user stated that Andy Cohen was the ‘drunk dad’ people needed on New Year’s Eve.
#andycohen is the drunk dad we all needed tonight
The start of 2022 saw @Andy take to social media with a good morning Tweet that confirmed he was slightly ‘overserved’ the night before.
🌧 good morning! 🌧. Um, I was a bit overserved last night…. 🥴
Despite speculation that Cohen may have faced workplace problems after his stunt, CNN has addressed the situation and revealed that he will return next year for New Year’s celebrations.
The presenter also commented on the CNN special during an interview on Stern Show whereby he stated:
“I won’t be shamed for having fun on New Year’s Eve.”
“I won’t be shamed for having fun on New Year’s Eve.” @Andy Cohen calls in to comment on #CNN’s New Year’s Eve special.
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