Viral video: Woman stopped from re-entering bar screams racist slur, clip leaves netizens fuming – Times Now

Netizens were left fuming after a clip showing a model shouting a racist slur outside a nightclub was circulated online.
The woman, who was identified as Natasha Williams, was caught on camera reacting angrily and shouting a racist word after being stopped from re-entering a bar.
Williams, 24, was seen arguing with a security guard right outside the entrance of Clink Cellar Bar in Leamington Spa on Boxing Day night. According to reports, she was already in the nightclub that evening and wanted to re-enter after complaining that someone had stolen her bag.
The short clip shows a bouncer trying to calm the situation as Williams goes on a loud rant. She is heard screaming: “He stole my f***ing stuff, the little p*** f**k.”
Watch it here:
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The footage quickly went viral after it was posted on Instagram. While most users blasted the 24-year-old for using a racial word, some defended her actions saying it was a drunken mistake. However, many users were critical of the bouncer’s actions.
A neighbour said the matter had been resolved as Williams’ bag had been found and put behind the bar. He added that ‘she was very drunk’.
Following the incident, Williams’ mother said that her daughter apologised to the doorman after using the racist slur.
“She didn’t direct that comment at anyone. She was talking to her boyfriend and she apologised to the doorman after saying it,” said Williams’ mother.
The 24-year-old’s father said she has been receiving threats of physical violence ever since the clip went viral.
“Now she has had threats of physical violence and she’s almost certainly lost her job. She is frightened to death and it seems totally unfair,” the father told Mail Online.
“They wouldn’t let her back in and she got extremely angry because her phone was in there and her boyfriend’s car keys,” he added.


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