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Street food has a huge following all around the world. But probably nothing compares to the love it receives in India. After all, we have a diverse range of street food available depending on the region and type you want to have. Samosa is one such popular street snack that we all love. From having it in the form of a samosa chaat, pairing it with chole, or even making experimental recipes like chowmein samosa or pasta samosa, we have many unique ways to devour this snack. However, not every experimental samosa tastes good. Recently, a street vendor was seen serving samosas with chocolate, bread, and mayonnaise, leaving many people questioning this bizarre combination.

In a short reaction reel posted by Instagram user @rjkhurki, he shared a video of a street vendor preparing samosa pav. In the video, first, the vendor divides the pav, adds chocolate syrup and spreads it evenly. Then he puts a samosa in the middle and tops it with mayonnaise. In the video @rjkhurki wrote “Baand karo ye bakwas” (Stop this non-sense.) Take a look at the video here:

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A post shared by Antil Yadav (@rjkhurki)

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A post shared by Antil Yadav (@rjkhurki)

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Ever since the video was posted, it has garnered three million views, with 82.7k likes and several comments. Many people were unhappy with this bizarre combination. One user wrote, “This was the only thing left to see. Who makes samosa pav instead of vada pav and uses chocolate and mayo instead of green chilly.” Another user said, “This has ruined my mood.”

One user also added that this samosa is from a place called ‘Jugaadi Adda’ and they make this unique samosa that uses chocolate stuffing instead of potatoes. Backing this comment, another user also said that they use chocolate filling and the combination indeed was tasty.

While this was just one video of experimenting with our beloved recipes, another food vlogger was recently seen mixing Maggi and chocolate. In the video, the vlogger first boiled the Maggi noodles. Then she added crushed oreo and a scoop of chocolate ice cream from the top. You can see the video here:

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