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One virtual reality gamer shares a video of what can happen when a gamer in a VR headset gets a little too immersed in a VR bar fight.
Virtual reality games have become increasingly popular over the last few years as virtual reality technology becomes increasingly available to consumers. Several major game companies now feature branded VR headsets and blockbuster titles are being ported to VR platforms–or even intentionally designed specifically for virtual reality. This trend holds fascinating potential for the field, but as one player discovered, virtual reality games come with some very specific downsides.
One of the most important elements of virtual gaming is space. Whether a player is socializing on VRChat worlds or battling their way through the VR version of Resident Evil 4, one thing remains the same. As virtual reality games require players to move around in real life, a virtual reality gamer requires a significant amount of space to move around while gaming.
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TikTokker FJerry shared a short video of a person playing a virtual reality game from the outside. Reportedly, she was deep in a virtual reality recreation of a bar fight, events that are well known for being chaotic and distracting. She spent several seconds punching the air while making her own sound effects before apparently witnessing something so distressing on her virtual reality headset that she ran straight into a wall.
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While gaming is often considered a sedentary activity, virtual reality gaming often requires players to move around, which can be confusing or even dangerous with a VR headset on. Unlike most gaming platforms, a virtual reality headset prevents players from observing their surroundings. As a result, many players risk bumping into furniture, walls, pets, and anything else located around the gaming area. The Oculus Quest's new Space Sense feature is designed to address this issue by helping players to avoid bumping into things.
As of writing, it appears that other gamers find this video hilarious. Several users expressed concern about whether or not the virtual reality headset survived the fall, while others stated that they wanted to know what exactly the girlfriend had seen that caused her to react in such an over-the-top manner. One user specifically said that this kind of situation was why they were afraid to play virtual reality games, while a second observed that she'd gotten a little too immersed in her gaming. A third user declared that the girlfriend had been a little too confident about her virtual bar fighting prowess and she needed to be humbled, while a fourth started a conversation about why virtual reality gamers often make their own sound effects.
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A new co-op ghost hunting game is in the works, with Paranormal Hunter providing a VR and standard screen cross-play experience.
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