Viral video: 6-year-old gets up at 6 am, cooks for himself and does household chores before going to school – Times Now

Parents are usually seen running after their children to wake up early in the morning and get ready for school. Most children are expected to help in household work when they enter their teens.
However, a six-year-old boy has left netizens shocked after his parent said that he wakes up on his own at 6 am every day, cooks for himself and does a load of household chores before going to school.
The video, posted on TikTik account @shopping666, shows a little boy getting out of bed when his alarm buzzes at 6 am. He turns on his electric fire, picks out his clothes and cleans them.
After getting dressed, he brushes his teeth and washes his face. He then moves to the kitchen to hard boil some eggs and blends some grains.
Watch viral video:

Once he has finished his breakfast, he washes his bowl and teacup. He goes on to clean the toilet and shower, washes clothes and vacuum cleans his bed. He mops the living room floor before putting his clothes in the washing machine.
The little boy then rolls a foot spa over to his mother, who is relaxing on a couch. He polishes his shoes before leaving for school.
“My baby is six years old, and he gets up at six every day to cook for himself, do housework and then go to school,” the caption reads.
The 1-minute-25-second video, which has gone viral on social media, has been viewed more than 26 million times. Netizens were baffled to see the boy doing so much at such a young age.
One user said, “I’ll trade you. my 6 yr old yells at me if I walk in front of the tv.” Another wrote, “He is much more mature than I am more than twice his age.”
A third user added, “That’s great and all but he is 6, he should live his childhood and not worry about household chores.” Yet another commented, “Forget the kid. Can we talk about this house from 2078?”


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