Viral Clip Of Warriors Stars Steph Curry And Klay Thompson Getting Shots Up In Denver – Sports Illustrated

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson were seen getting shots up on Thursday. The Golden State Warriors and Denver Nuggets had their game postponed by the NBA.
The Golden State Warriors were scheduled to take on the Denver Nuggets in Colorado on Thursday evening, but the game was postponed by the NBA due to the Nuggets not having enough players (see tweet below).  
However, there was still the incredible sight of Klay Thompson and Steph Curry getting shots up together on the court in Denver.    
The clip, which is going viral wit over one million views, can be seen in the tweet that is embedded below from the Twitter account of the Warriors.   
The Warriors have not had Thompson for each of the last two seasons due to injuries, and they have missed the postseason in both of those seasons.  
This season they are 27-7 in 34 games, and are one of the best teams in the entire NBA. 


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