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The Valorant 3.12 update patch notes bring just a few changes, but they’re big ones
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Last Updated: December 7, 2021
Riot Games have been listening to fan wishlists ahead of the holiday season, and are certainly giving us some early gifts with this final update of 2021.
Not only have Agent-specific keybinds been introduced to Valorant with update 3.12, but also Friendly Fire detection and Wide Player Cards. Keep reading for the full rundown of the patch notes for this latest update to Valorant Episode 3.
To activate Agent-specific keybinds in Valorant, go to Settings > Controls > Actions where you can create and delete unique keybind profiles. You can only create one profile for each Agent. Riot Games have also added the ability to see when there is a keybind conflict, highlighting the other items the bind is currently assigned to.
There has been a change to the way you can report disruptive players, and it is now possible to report players during the Agent select screen simply by hovering over their name and clicking report.
Friendly Fire by grenades is now being tracked by Riot, and any excessive and unnecessary damage to teammates and allies will now be punished.
Another change that has been brought about by player feedback in the reintroduction of wide Player Cards in Loading Screens and Kill Banners, as opposed to the standard landscape stylization.
A bug that allowed players to spam invite others to join a party has now been fixed, so you can’t bombard your friends with notifications any more. They’re probably ignoring you for a reason.
A fix has been implemented for an Agent bug that caused held objects to display incorrectly during the use of certain abilities for Jett, Sage, Skye, Reyna and Yoru.

The full 3.12 patch notes are available on
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