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Get involved early!
Battlefield 2042 early access is just a couple hours out!
With a major launch day ahead and some very innovative gameplay waiting, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the game as much as possible before launch.
Here’s how to be a part of Battlefield 2042 early access, and when things will finally kick into high gear.
After a long wait, Battlefield 2042 early access is finally just a couple hours away.
There will be plenty to do in the game during the early access period, including having access to Portal, the builder where players can take the game’s creative maps and resources into their own hands.
While we count down the last hours, be sure to check out the latest hype gameplay trailer from Dice below:
Thankfully, getting early access to Battlefield 2042 isn’t tough at all. You can do so in two ways.
You can purchase either the Gold or Ultimate Edition of the game to be able to play the game 7 days early.
You can also play a 10-hour free trial via EA Play or Xbox Game Pass from November 12. The full game will not be on the service though, so you’ll have to buy Battlefield 2042 if you want to play it after the trial.
We’re still waiting on the exact release times on all consoles, but we have a good idea of when you’ll be able to play Battlefield 2042.
On Origin, Battlefield 2042’s release time is set as November 12 at 3am ET/8am GMT, which was the same time as the beta.
Therefore, while the times haven’t been confirmed on other platforms, we expect 3am ET/8am GMT to be the Battlefield 2042 release time for everyone.
Therefore the times will be:
As soon as the times are officially confirmed, we’ll be sure to let you know.
All players on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5 can preload Battlefield 2042 now, allowing you to get the early access version of the game downloaded for launch.
This is the case for both the early access and standard versions of the game, too.
We’re still trying to work out the download size on all platforms, and we’ll have more for you on release day.
For now, however, Battlefield 2042 seems to be between 50-60GB, depending on the platform you’re playing on.


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