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00:00 – Get ready to solve the first brain teaser! West Bay women’s prison…the worst place in the world! Prison guards there don’t last long. Can Blair fix it? Someone was smuggling phones into the prison. The warden was furious… One prisoner even started a blog about prison life. That’s how the warden found out! Help Blair find all the phones!

01:43 – It’s time to test your detective skills! There was a lot of smuggling at the prison…not just phones. The warden asked Blair to tackle it. She watched the prisoners all day. Prisoners were buying contraband in the canteen. How did Blair know?

02:27 – This logic riddle will blow your mind! Brittany and Kenzie are the most dangerous prisoners. They already tried to escape twice. They weren’t allowed to see each other… or even have their own stuff. They went to the bathroom one at a time. But they still found a way to write to each other. Blair wanted to find out how! She looked around the bathroom. Aha! How did Brittany and Kenzie communicate?

03:26 – Boost your attentiveness with this tricky puzzle! There were weird rumors about one prisoner… She had some kind of superpower. Blair didn’t believe it…still, better check it out. That evening Blair went through the surveillance video. WOW… This prisoner was…different! She needs to be watched more closely. Which prisoner has superpowers?

04:11 – This riddle on crime will test your IQ! Someone attacked Jane in the prison library. Jane didn’t know who did it. She just remembered where… Blair didn’t find out much… Jane was still in shock. Blair went to the library. She looked around and realized who had done it! Who?

05:04 – Another logic riddle that will test your analytical thinking! The prisoners were pretty friendly with Blair. They even started asking her for help. Mrs. Jackson was desperate! Someone was stealing cookies from her locker. Blair knew how to find the thief! Together they set a trap inside the locker. It was a cracker, pressure sensitive. An hour later, they heard a pop. They ran over…but the thief was too fast! She disappeared into the art room. Blair ran after her. She saw 3 women painting. Who’s the thief?

06:24 – This IQ puzzle will increase your brain power! Someone hacked the warden’s computer. It had all the prisoners’ info on it. 3 people had been near the computer. Blair questioned them. Deputy Warden Thomas: “I only used it once. I was updating the antivirus software.” Secretary, Christy: “I was in there with Thomas, helping him restart the computer.” Accountant, Jacob: “The computer was frozen… But I pressed a couple of keys and everything was fine.” Blair took fingerprints from the computer. Who hacked the computer?

07:30 – Here is a short puzzle to boost your brain! Blair heard disturbing rumors. There was gonna be a prison break! Blair watched the cameras. 2 women seemed suspicious. Which prisoner can escape?

08:18 – The last teaser will speed up your brain! Blair ran to the warden’s office. She had to warn him! The warden was unconscious… Someone had attacked him! Blair immediately found 3 suspects. Secretary: “He called me into his office this morning… I didn’t go in after that.” Cleaning lady: “I was in the office for like 5 minutes…taking out the trash.” Psychologist: “I brought him the quarterly report a few hours ago.” Who attacked the warden?

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