Unusual Mix Of Cool Trivia And Personality Tests

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Here is an unusual mix of cool trivia and personality tests to blow your mind! Enjoy fun tests with optical illusions to relax after solving different riddles and trivia. Plus you’ll get a chance to learn more about yourself 🙂 If you want your brain to work faster then try to solve puzzles and trivia on a daily basis and the result will surprise you!

00:14 – This awesome personality quiz will let you know whether you are left or right-brained (or maybe a bit of both?)! Once you know the answer, you’ll know what hobbies to pay attention to 😊
01:34 – A set of puzzles based on true life situations to test your survival skills and at the same time your logical thinking! It’s sad that there is still an urgent need to learn self-defense nowadays, but forewarned is forearmed. How many of the questions did you answer? I failed every single one, but I’ll keep learning! And who said only women need that?
04:09 – A fun personality test to check if you’re all right with kissing😉 But no laughing! Kissing isn’t only about biology, but rather about how comfortable you are with the other people. This short simple test will make you reflect upon what impression you make and how good you are at interaction with people. I never thought I can be a kind of insecure person, but now that I’ve had a little time to think, I see it’s true. Tell me if it was all true about you!
06:39 – After watching this cool trivia quiz you’ll definitely try to sleep as much as possible! That’s what I call ‘work hard, sleep well’! At least this keeps your mind as sharp as a blade and helps you crack even the hardest riddles ever.
07:50 – A bunch of visual quizzes to reveal something new about your inner self! You shouldn’t think too much, and it’s better to answer the very first thing you see!
10:37 – A fun trivia quiz giving some hints for the situation every northerner probably experienced in their childhood (you’re not a northerner? oh, come on, if the temperature is your country ever goes down below zero, you are!). I once also got stuck to a metal object and that was really scary! If I’d seen this trivia that time, I would have probably found the way out without loss😁 Before you look through the answers, tell me what you’d do if you or your child get stuck with the tongue?
12:09 – This is a cool visual test that can reveal the depth of your subconscious through these blurred images. Just look at the picture and remember which image you’ve seen first. Don’t overthink the task or take it too seriously; you should be calm and relaxed. Try making two deep breaths before taking this test to get a more accurate result. Was it true about you?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last visual quiz!

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