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A video has recently gone viral where an umpire shows wide signal using legs. Netizens have come up with their reactions to the action of the cricket judge in a never-seen fashion.
A local cricket tournament was going on in Maharashtra where an umpire was seen doing the never before action of using his legs in place of hands to signal for a ‘Wide’. The video went viral after being uploaded to Twitter.
As per reports, Purandar Premier League was going on recently in Maharashtra where the extraordinary scene was witnessed.
As seen in the video, after realising the bowling was done to earn a ‘wide’ signal, the umpire faced the camera and performed a handstand and spread his legs to exhibit the signal of wide. It is to be noted that umpires usually spread their hands sideways to signal a wide.
The video has so far garnered huge number of retweets, likes and quote tweets.
Umpiring is a tough job as the on-field official needs to take a correct decision within seconds. Interestingly, an umpire normally comes to the limelight while they make a wrong decision. However, this present never-before action of the umpire has made him popular, at least on the social media platform as the video has gone viral.
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