TURN ON YOUR SOUND: 13 Easy Riddles That’ll Easily Trick Your Mind

7-Second Riddles

If you are looking for a quick way to activate your brain, then these 13 easy riddles that are trickier than they seem at first glance will do the job just fine. These brain teasers will help you keep your logic sharp and boost your brain power. Do you think you have what it takes? Let’s test your brain right away:

0:14 – Odd one out! An easy logic puzzle that kids solve in seconds, but it takes minutes and even hours for adults to crack it.
01:40 – Math riddle with answer.
02:50 – Brain teaser for adults to test your analytical skills.
03:45 – Brain game that will blow your mind.
04:32 – Fun optical illusion that will test your ability to think logically.
05:18 – Quiz question that will definitely puzzle your smartest friend and even your smartest teachers.
06:33 – Unusual riddle to test your ability to think outside the box.
07:26 – Math puzzle with answer.
08:28 – Tricky riddle to test whether you can think under pressure.
09:14 – Cool illusion that will mess with your mind.
09:53 – Which one is fake? Turn on your logic and solve this short riddle.
10:34 – Mystery riddle and a crime riddle to wake up the inner detective in you.
11:32 – Fun logo quiz.

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