Train Your Brain To Think Faster With These 7 Riddles And Optical Illusions

7-Second Riddles

Train your brain to think faster with this mix of logic riddles and optical illusions! Some studies have shown that people who solve different riddles every day have a higher IQ score than others. Brain games and quizzes improve your critical thinking and keeps your brain young. Check these riddles out and share your answers in the comments:

00:14 – This is a heart-breaking story that can also squash your brain. The smartest policemen of the country fail to find the cause of his death, so you’re our only hope. Use your logic and experience in solving cases to solve this logic riddle!
02:16 – A malicious teacher kidnaps little kids and no one can stop her. But you can definitely identify and save her next victim, so turn on your brain and pass to this tough crime riddle. Will you cope with the riddle on time?
03:26 – Children can come up with truly amazing stories, and even an experienced detective can fail to spot their lies. Are you smart enough to not get tricked?
05:22 – Sometimes we see something important just in the corner of the eye and it’s kept in our subconscious. If we’re able to remember about it at the right moment, it can save our lives. Let’s test how attentive you are with this short riddle with answers. Even if attentiveness is not your strong suit, you can test your instincts and try to identify the safe car. Which one would you get in?
06:28 – A horrifying logic riddle for the strongest ones! Will you dare suppose the most impossible answer to this brain teaser (and get it right)? Let’s see how brave you are😈 A mysterious logic riddle to itch your brain and make you SWEAT. Share your ideas in the comments!
07:48 – Are you smart enough to decipher all hidden words? This is a cool task for kids and adults to boost one’s logic and improve the IQ level!
11:49 – I bet no one can crack this impossible riddle within the given time! I paused the video and tried to figure out the couples, but I just got my brain exploded. If you can solve this riddle before the time passes out, then you must be a new Sherlock Holmes indeed! The only hint I can give you is to use your logic and keep all the information in mind as each word is a clue. Are you among the smartest people here?😉

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle made you do some hard thinking!

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