Top-ranked World of Warcraft pro Josh ‘Xaryu’ Lujan reveals journey toward fitness | Level Up


Josh @Xaryu Lujan is a Twitch streamer and a name among names in World of Warcraft. He’s held the game’s coveted Rank 1 title in multiple PvP seasons and is widely considered one of the best Mages in the world. Succeeding in WoW’s PvP mode requires intelligent decision-making like keeping track of the enemy team’s cooldowns and abilities, predicting plays and smart positioning, all of which Xaryu excels in.

Xaryu’s talents aren’t limited to the video game world — the 27-year-old is also able to perform a 290-pound bench press. This is an impressive physical feat for any athlete, but in Xaryu’s case, it’s particularly exceptional. He weighs 145 pounds, which means he’s capable of lifting double his bodyweight.

The top gamer and fitness influencer spoke with In The Know about how he cultivates both his body and mind to peak performance.

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