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Characters are an invaluable part of Free Fire Max because of their abilities, with players striving to unlock the best possible ones within the game. These can be broadly classified into active, active, and passive, whose effects are always on.
Furthermore, the developers have provided each character with three additional skill slots, enabling players to use multiple abilities simultaneously. However, only one of these four skills can be active, and thus passive abilities are elevated in importance.
Luqueta’s ability was adjusted in the OB29 update, making it a feasible option. This character suits aggressive gameplay as on every kill, the maximum HP will increase by 10 up to 50.
With the gradual increase in the level, the increase in the maximum per kill rises to 25 up to 50.
Shirou’s ability received a buff in this OB30 update, further reducing its cooldown time. When opponents hit players from the 80m range, the attacker will be tagged for 6 seconds, while the marking will only be available to the users. Additionally, the first shot on the enemy will deal with a 50% additional armor penetration. There is a cooldown of 25 seconds.
At the maximum level, the cooldown comes down to 10 seconds and the armor penetration on the first shot raises to 100%.
D-Bee was added in Free Fire after the OB28 update and had a fantastic passive ability. It first boosts the movement speed by 5% and accuracy by 10% when players fire while moving. As the character levels up, the buff gradually increases.
Users’ agility will increase by 15%, while the accuracy improves by 35%, helping players will be able to move around quickly and also take down the opponents effortlessly while running and gunning.
Jai is the in-game persona of Hrithik Roshan and boasts an incredible ability. Once players knock down their opponent, the gun’s magazine will get automatically reloaded by 30%. This is limited only to specific categories of guns, including ARs, pistols, SMGs, and shotguns.
Furthermore, as the level increases, the part of the magazine reload is increased to 45% at level 6. Players can purchase Jai’s Microchip from the store to attain its ability.
Jota has remained one of the most popular characters with a passive ability. Sustained Raids replenishes the players’ HP as they deal damage to their opponents. Subsequently, users will also recover 10% HP as they take down an enemy at the first level.
At the highest level, players will heal 20% of the HP when they knock down the opponents. Users can purchase it for 499 diamonds.

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