This Is How “Tyrion Lannister” Peter Dinklage Spends His Millions


Peter Dinklage, “Tyrion Lannister” or “The Imp” from Game Of Thrones is an iconic actor loved by many for his wit, intellect and funny moments. You’ve probably also seen him in other famous movies like Marvel’s Avengers and the X-Men Series!

His measures of secrecy are so effective he’s even managed to conceal the name of his first child and the name and gender of his second. We’ve got to give him props: that’s some CIA-level covering up.

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This doesn’t mean, however, that nothing about Dinklage’s private life is known. In this video we will reveal a lot of stuff that you may not have known about the man who plays Tyrion Lannister, like the fact that he’s a vegan, or that he likes spending time in Ireland possibly more than America, or that how he actually got the scar on his face!

We also know how much he makes for Game of Thrones. While his season four salary was $160,000 an episode, his season five salary was $300,000 an episode, and his season seven salary was $500,000 an episode. These pale in comparison to the salary he was paid for Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season.

Dinklage can’t hide that he’s a millionaire many times over, just as he can’t hide everything that he spends his money on – though he would if he could.

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