7-Second Riddles

Think quickly if you want to solve these 17 tricky riddles with answers right! These riddles will keep your brain sharp and mind young! You will warm up your brain, improve your logical skills, and speed up your critical thinking! Spend your spare time productively and enjoy this set of cool puzzles!

00:14 – A rich man was killed at his villa. Go to the crime scene and find out who is the killer! Pay attention to the smallest details to solve this criminal case.
01:34 – A set of visual teasers to test your logic and attentiveness to the details! Try to find what is wrong there before the time is up.
03:04 – Hey, Detective, this short riddles with answers is a good chance to prove yourself! We will give you no hints to the riddles, but in fact, you already have everything you need to answer the questions! This visual test will reveal how good you are at gathering of evidence and drawing conclusions. Turn on your brain, concentrate and focus on the scene. I know you can find all the answers!
04:23 – Who do you think is telling the truth? A short tricky riddle to tease your brain and train your logic!
05:57 – A portion of tricky riddles on logic to boost your brain speed and increase your IQ! How many of these can you answer correctly?
07:24 – Somebody stole the money from Sandy’s locker! Talk to suspects and pay attention to the details to solve this riddle and find the thief!
08:56 – A cool portion of emoji riddles for kids and adults! Try to guess the sport by the emojis 😉
11:24 – Who stole Dean’s bike? Was it his girlfriend, a friend, or a brother? Turn your logic on and try to solve this riddle before the time is up!
12:33 – Who is lying? Whose backpack is it? Test your attentiveness to the details with this tricky puzzle.

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the most difficult for you to solve!

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