7-Second Riddles

To solve these difficult riddles with simple answers turn your brain on and think logically! If you want to have a good brain workout, then these cool puzzles are right for you. They are pretty simple but only for those who have a high IQ score! Exercise your brain and sharpen your logic with this fun set of riddles 😉

00:14 – This is a difficult challenge for advanced solvers (but if you’re a beginner you still can try)! Focus your mind and look closely at the pictures, then you will have a slight chance to solve them on time😜
01:34 – A mind-blowing crime riddle that will make your blood run cold (though it’s a common case nowadays😢). You will have to use your logic and deduction skills to find out who of her siblings killed her. It’s a truly sad riddle so try to not cry before you solve this one!
03:34 – A bit thrilling but fun picture puzzle to train your eyes! You will have to think quickly and spot Momo in these scary pictures. Yes, she’s over there in each of them and she makes me tremble!
05:19 – A fun word quiz that will wow your brain and boost all your skills! Here is a set of hard questions on associations where you’ll have to find what’s similar between two pictures. Are you smart enough to get them all?
07:19 – These small details in your favorite cartoons will blow your mind away! Only a very attentive person with strong logical thinking skills will spot all of them. How many logical mistakes have you spotted?
09:49 – This is a mysterious story that will make you face the hardest choice ever! What would you advise Mia to do? I think all the options are equally horrible, but if I still have to choose, I would rather choose the 2nd one. What about you? Tell me in the comments!
10:59 – How does our life change when we have children? You will see now! But you will have to be incredibly attentive to notice those small signs the children have left😜 Can you find all of them? A fun picture puzzle to boost your observation skills and cheer you up!
12:38 – Who isn’t a mom? A tricky visual quiz to test your attentiveness to the details and logic!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what kind of riddles you like most of all!

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