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The saddest part is their not even attempting irony, Their just not creative people.

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Email me if you would like personalized Skype drum lessons. My specialty is teaching drum theory, big picture concepts, and technique. I can teach you the fundamentals you need to break through your playing plateaus. Everyone teaches patterns and licks, but I can teach deep music concepts, and techniques you will use for a lifetime. No matter what style or genre you prefer. Stylistically I specialize in jazz, math-rock, and groove. But I also know West African, Afro-Cuban, and Brazilian music.


This channel is the home of the “WORLD’S GREATEST DRUMMER”
This title is officially recognized by the Coney Island Tap-Dancers Review.

I taught Buddy how to shred.
I taught Vinnie how to 21/16.
I taught Gadd how to Aja.

All the best stole everything they know from me.
If you watch my videos, you too can learn from “THE GREATEST EVER”

I have now retired to a fishing shack in Cabo San Lucas. I spend my time eating roasted pork no less than three times weekly, hunting flamingos with broken drumsticks, and berating the hordes of fans who want to know how I became the greatest ever.
This channel is the single greatest repository of genius musical knowledge since Pythagoras.

New drum lessons posted every week.

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