The Way Pets Sleep Shows Their Relationship with You


What could be cuter than animals? Sleeping ones – right! The position your pet sleeps in can speak volumes about its attitude towards you. And how do some wild animals sleep? Well, that’s a real art! For example, dolphins don’t really sleep…in the traditional sense. Half of their brain rests, while the other half stays alert to monitor the situation around.

Some birds, like the albatross, can sleep while flying! Their brains have a similar feature as dolphins – one half rests, the other works. This lets them make long flights without landing. Sea otters float on their backs while sleeping. But the coolest thing is that they hold each other by the paws so that nobody in the group gets lost or taken away by the current!

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At Your Feet 0:22
Full Trust 0:46
The Quiet Place 1:12
The Jealous Pose 1:35
The Softest Place 1:59
The Best Protection 2:23
Pure Love 2:42
Hugs! 2:58
Always ready! 3:14
The Bed Hog 3:39
In case you have a more exotic pet… 🐬 4:07

– If your pet sleeps down near your feet, this means you toss and turn all night, and your pet is forced to leave the bed so you don’t roll over on him!
– To escape from the noise somehow, cats and dogs tuck themselves right between your legs when you sleep on your back.
– If you share a bed with a partner, your pet can squeeze between you two. This is the warmest and safest place for them.
– It happens that pets, especially cats, will arrogantly drive you right off your own pillow! And all because the bed may not seem soft and comfortable enough for them.
– Some dogs like to sleep under the covers too, just like their human! The slight pressure on our bodies from the blankets soothes the nervous system, much like a hug.
– The most pleasant and clearest way to show they love you is when your pet crawls across your body up to your face as you’re sleeping.
– The animals are located as close as possible to your hand so that you can easily pet them. Sort of like a tactile lullaby.
– They steal your pillow, and sometimes they’ll even overtake the whole bed! Such pets are very spoiled and want to conquer all the sleep territory.
– Many animals, such as zebras or giraffes, sleep while standing because they must be ready to flee from predators at any moment.
– Some whales and orcas don’t sleep at all for 3-4 weeks after birth.
– Pet fish also sleep when night comes. As soon as you turn off the lamp near the aquarium, the fish quickly doze off.
– Walruses sleep in short intervals in the water because they need to surface for air.
– Apes sleep a lot like humans! Adult gorillas and chimpanzees make themselves a comfortable soft bed by stacking leaves and grass.
– Penguins, gather in a large tight circle and snuggle together in especially cold weather.

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