The Twyford Code by Janice Hallett review — a new novel from the queen of tricksy crime – The Times

Janice Hallett’s first novel, The Appeal, was one of the standout successes of last year. She brought the epistolary crime novel triumphantly into the 21st century, using a small-town setting that would have been familiar to Agatha Christie, while telling the story entirely through texts and emails. The novel revolved around an eminent QC preparing an appeal against a murder conviction. The murder has taken place in a village riven with class conflicts, which emerge with comic clarity during the run-up to the annual village play. Hallett has previously written for the theatre and film, and she lovingly recreates in the novel the backbiting world of an amateur dramatic society. The book became a bestseller, renewing interest in the “cosy” crime novel and propelling
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