The Sea With No Winds And No Shores


What comes to your mind when you hear the word “sea”? Probably sandy beaches, palm trees, the tide rolling in and splashing the shore. But what about an invisible sea with no shores? Bu the way, this sea has also got a mysterious reputation for swallowing ships. On its western fringes, you’ll find the island of Bermuda. Yes, that very Bermuda and its infamous triangle that’s been tied to tons of mysterious maritime disappearances.

The first official record of a lost ship was made in 1840 when the London Times reported the disappearance of the Rosalie. The interesting part is that it didn’t just disappear or get swallowed to the bottom of the sea. No, it was eventually found floating aimlessly with not a single person on board…

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Sea in the ocean?! 0:32
What’s that huge dark mass in the water? 2:18
The disappearance of the Rosalie 4:16
Another ship with no passengers 5:21
Has it something to do with the seaweed? 6:43
What’s so special about the Sargassum seaweed? 7:25
The North Atlantic garbage patch 😖 8:47

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– The Sargasso Sea is located right in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, and its borders are all natural – they’re 4 major ocean currents. It basically sits in the whirlpool between them.
– On average, it’s about 1,430 miles long from east to west and 680 miles from north to south. The water in it is bright blue.
– The weather is surprisingly stable too, so the winds are really calm and weak.
– Sargassum seaweed can only be found in this very spot on Earth, and it grows and floats in a thick mat on the surface.
– Christopher Columbus himself crossed it in 1492. He actually thought he’d reached some land as he got into it because the seaweed was so dense.
– The first official record of a lost ship was made in 1840 when the London Times reported the disappearance of the Rosalie.
– It looked as if people onboard had either abandoned ship or simply vanished into thin air.
– In 1881, the American schooner Ellen Austin encountered another ship traveling through the area with no passengers whatsoever.
– Some marine experts believe it has something to do with the seaweed and the huge whirlpool that it’s floating in.
– The big whirlpools are so strong that they can catch a ship and drag it inside them. The smaller ones travel as mini-cyclones in the air, disturbing the water below them.
– This stuff is a unique biological phenomenon. It doesn’t get into the sea with water currents from elsewhere, but is actually native specifically to the Sargasso Sea.
– Unfortunately, not only turtles and fish travel with the currents right into the Sargasso Sea. The moving waters also carry garbage with them, including plastics that aren’t biodegradable.
– It was first found in 1972 and is only getting bigger with time. At present, it’s hundreds of miles in size!

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