The Only Way to Escape a Swarm of Bees


As “Save the Bees” projects have popped up everywhere – honeybees are necessary to our environment, after all – many people have turned into amateur beekeepers. Swarms are definitely a concern. The thing is, bees are pretty sophisticated when it comes to communication and their complex societies. They can send “help” signals to a swarm with their pheromones, which can travel surprising distances.

Getting stung by a bee is the worst if you don’t count shark bites and some other things! How can something so tiny inflict so much pain? Can you imagine being attacked by a whole swarm of bees? You’re about to find out. Don’t panic! There are things you can do if you see a swarm and fear being attacked – and there are also things you shouldn’t do.

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✅ DOs:
– Know when it’s prime-time for swarms 1:01
– Be able to recognize what kind of bee you’re dealing with 1:33
– If a swarm starts to chase you – RUN! 2:09
– Cover your head and face 2:35
– Seek shelter ASAP! 3:04
– Lights Out! 3:27
– If you do get stung… 3:56
– Light-colored clothing 4:28
– If you ARE wearing dark clothing, it can be a defense 4:52
– Know how to spot a potential hive site 5:12
– Pay attention! 5:45
– Don’t swat at a bee 6:14
– Don’t jump into any water! 6:44
– Don’t leave any sweet stuff outside 7:10
– Don’t wear perfumes or scented lotions outside 7:34
– Don’t try to get rid of a hive on your own! 7:53

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– Just so you can be on the alert: honeybees breed in the springtime. This results in overcrowded hives, and a new queen bee may appear to rule over her new brood.
– When you first spot a swarm, don’t panic. Some honeybees are more territorial than others. The Africanized Honeybee is particularly territorial, and will defend its hive with its life.
– Run away from the swarm in a straight line until the bees stop chasing you. You can outrun a swarm – just run as fast as you can.
– Whether you have a blanket with you from a picnic, a hood, or even your own shirt, use whatever you can to protect your face; especially your eyes.
– A shelter with a door you can close is ideal – your house, your car, even a public restroom with a door if you’re at a campsite or nature preserve.
– Turn off every light so that the only light source is from the windows.
– Scrape the surface of the sting with a credit card or something similar. You’ll want to remove the stingers as soon as possible, so the venom won’t continue to spread.
– Honeybees have evolved to detect dark colors, so light-colored clothing won’t appear as threatening to them.
– Any hidey holes or cracks should be filled around your home and in any outbuildings on your property.
– If you notice a bee or multiple bees aggressively bumping into you, a swarm and an attack might be on the way.
– Swatting at a bee with a newspaper, magazine, or flyswatter will cause the bee and the whole swarm to attack more aggressively.
– Even though they can’t sting you in the water, they’ll just wait for you to get out or come up for air.
– Bees love sweet stuff – from the flower nectar they look for, to your open can of soda.
– Avoid lots of hairspray too guys. The sweet or flowery scent of these products will be irresistible to any bee.
– If you notice a hive near where you live, don’t call the A Team, call a bee professional.

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