The Only Sailor Who Survived Both Titanic and Lusitania


Before people were able to take their overseas vacays by plane, they had to take the long way around; that meant boarding a ship. And – let’s face it, a magnificent ocean voyage was as luxurious as it could get. But you see, a lot of things can go wrong when large ships did transatlantic crossings – especially during the early 1900s.

The passengers weren’t aware of the dangers at the time; at least not as much as the sailors and crew members. And luckily enough, some of them survived to share their harrowing stories. George William Beauchamp was the legendary sailor who survived two major ship disasters at the beginning of the 20th century…

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What changed his life forever 1:18
Why George lied about his age 2:25
Problem with the lifeboats 3:19
What was George’s mission 4:42
Another catastrophe 6:20
What sunk the Lusitania 7:05
How George spent the rest of his days 8:08

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– George William Beauchamp was the legendary sailor who survived two major ship disasters at the beginning of the 20th century.
– George Beauchamp was born in Hampshire, England in 1888, and he was the middle child among 4 other siblings. He was fascinated by the sea so much that he was determined to turn it into a career.
– George was really looking forward to working on board the “unsinkable” ship that we all know as Titanic. George was 42 years old, and he needed to be younger, so he lied about his age and claimed that he was 32.
– It seems like they had so much confidence that the Titanic was unsinkable, they never even did a boat drill, so almost no-one knew what to do in this situation.
– His mission was to try and save as many women and children as he could, and he did that successfully on boat number 13.
– We all know that Titanic sunk at 2:20 in the morning, but the Carpathia – which was the ship who came to their rescue, didn’t pick up Georges’ boat until 9:50 the next morning.
– George had had working experience at sea for more than 10 years when he boarded the Titanic, and when the unfortunate event happened, he thought that it’d be the last time he’d have to deal with such a tragedy.
– The Lusitania was travelling parallel to the south coast of Ireland when it was spotted by a German U-boat at 2:10 in the afternoon. This caused an explosion at the point of contact, and the ship began to take in water at an alarming speed.
– Less than half of the people on board survived, and among those was George.
– Right after he experienced the second major sinking disaster in his life, he told his family that he was officially done with working on large ships.
– After he retired, he moved to Southampton in the UK, where he spent the rest of his days close to the sea.

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