The Island Where People Live Longer Than Others


How to live longer? Tales about “the fountain of youth” have been passed down through centuries, yet we still haven’t managed to find it…or have we? The people of one small Greek island would have you believe so!

Located in the Aegean Sea, Greece’s 98-square-mile island Ikaria is home to approximately 8,500 people. Many believe these people hold the secret to eternal youth. Well, maybe not “eternal” but 1/3 of Ikaria’s population does live to be in their 90s and even older, and the majority of them are in good health by the time they get there. So, what is their secret?

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A healthy diet 0:59
Their sense of community 2:06
An active lifestyle 3:09
No clocks 3:44
More naps 4:18
Less stress 4:52
Spending time with family 5:25
They don’t hold onto things 6:22
They don’t use Western medicine 6:58

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– They love growing fruits and veggies for delicious dishes they make from scratch. Their diet consists of beans, herbs, nuts, and, of course, seasonal fruits and vegetables. These non-processed foods packed with all kinds of antioxidants seem to have an undeniable impact on their health.
– The Ikarian people are very community-oriented, and being there for one’s neighbor no matter what seems to be their life motto. This way of thinking developed over time because of a pretty rough history not short of invasions by other nations.
– Ikaria is full of rocky roads, which makes even short walks a little more strenuous. Ikarians do a ton of walking around. And since they’re so communal, a lot of this walking is to and from each other’s homes for visits.
– Unlike most other people in the world, they don’t base their daily activities around what time it is. They also don’t make plans set in stone, they like to leave things open.
– Thanks to the absence of clocks, the people of Ikaria listen to their bodies more. So, if they feel like taking a nap in the middle of the afternoon, they take one!
– In Ikaria, nearly 40% of people don’t have jobs. While this sounds stressful, it’s actually part of what makes these people worry-free.
– Something that experts studying Ikaria and other Blue Zones have noticed is that these people are very close with their families. The elders play a pretty significant role in their daily lives – there aren’t any old folks homes or anything like that.
– Ikarian people love dancing and celebrating with each other and being their true authentic selves. Life is way more fun this way!
– Instead of western medicinal practices, the people of Ikaria practice more natural medicine and stick to non-processed materials to heal the body.

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