The Healthiest Food In The World Cures Many Diseases It’s Unbelievable!


Dates are probably the healthiest food in the world. They carry essential minerals without the added calories!
1. Dates are rich source of iron, containing 0.90 grams or 11% of recommended daily iron intake. If you are anemic or pregnant, dates can be your healthy iron supplement.
2. Like bananas, dates have high-levels of potassium, which reduces diarrhea. Eating dates regularly also helps your digestion.
3. Since dates helps you digest food properly, you can prevent constipation too. Add a couple of dates on your drinking bottle and chill it overnight. The date-infused water becomes a potent laxative. In fact, dates are packaged as herbal medicine to ease constipation.
4. A good amount of potassium also regulates nervous system that can prevent or give you relief from stroke.
5. Because date contains no cholesterol, it can replace high-calorie snacks, such as cupcakes, muffin, or cakes.
6. Dates also help reduce the levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, also known as bad cholesterol, in the body. These LDL’s clog the blood vessels, increasing your risk of heart ailments. If your doctor says you need to reduce your cholesterol intake, switch the fatty meat for some dates.
7. As the dates remove LDL’s, your heart becomes stronger. Intead of date-infused water, you can also blend the dates for your daily morning juice.
8. Eating dates also protect you from hypertension. The fruit is packed with magnesium, which helps regulates blood circulation and sugar levels.
9. Dates also have plenty of amino acids, which can increase your sexual stamina. Furthermore, they are popular aphrodisiac in North African countries, like Nigeria.
While dates are very beneficial to your health, too much of them can increase the levels of sugar in your body. It is recommended that you eat only one-half pound or 220 grams per week.

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