The First Thing You See Reveals Hidden Truths About You


Do you think you know everything there is to know about yourself? Well, think again! There’s one incredibly accurate projective test that can reveal everything your subconsciousness is hiding about your real personality. If you’re ready to meet your true self, watch our new video.

A wolf’s head 1:42
A boy 2:33
Trees 3:23
A snake in the background 4:23
How you can also interpret the picture 5:25
Bonus: pick one color 6:25
Red 6:49
Green 7:06
White 7:23
Blue 7:56
Black 8:15
Yellow 8:37


– If it was a wolf’s head, then one of your main traits is your ability to analyze information and think on a deeper level. Thanks to your strong and powerful mind, you can overcome pretty much anything and emerge victorious out of every possible situation.
– If the first thing you saw in the picture was this boy right here, your main quality is your openness and kindness. You have a unique charisma that attracts people.
– If the first things you noticed were trees, you’re probably facing a serious level of anxiety right now. Moreover, you have a worrying side to you that sometimes makes it very hard to get things done.
– If you’re incredibly attentive and the first thing you saw was this snake in the background, you’re probably one of the most private people out there! You’re an introvert in the true sense of the word, enjoying spending quality time with yourself and diving into your favorite hobbies and activities.
– If you chose red color, then you’re a bold person who likes to be the center of attention. You aren’t satisfied with being the runner-up, and you want to be the best at everything you do.
– If you chose green, your relationships with other people are the most important thing for you. You’ll do absolutely anything to make sure your friends and family are happy and safe.
– Those who chose good old white are traditionalists and perfectionists. They love keeping everything in order and being in control.
– If your go-to color from this list is blue, your key qualities are intelligence and open-mindedness. You’re very bubbly and lovable, always ready to help somebody or give wise advice.
– Black is usually considered to be a sad color, but people who love it are sarcastic realists with an outstanding sense of humor.
– Lovers of bright and fun yellow are goofy optimists. They enjoy every second of life and are always in a rush to try new things.

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