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Ronnie Baker holds up his sign that reads “Jack Easterby is a snake. Fire Him” in the stands during the fourth quarter of an NFL football game at NRG Stadium, Sunday, December 27, 2020, in Houston.
Ronnie Baker holds up a “Fire Bill O’Brien” sign during the second quarter of the Texans 27-22 loss to the New York Giants at NRG Stadium on Sunday, Sept. 23, 2018, in Houston.
Ronnie Baker holds up a “Fire Bill O’Brien” sign during the fourth quarter of the Texans 27-22 loss to the New York Giants at NRG Stadium on Sunday, Sept. 23, 2018, in Houston.
Usually, Ronnie Baker is content to stay near his seat in the lower level of NRG Stadium and hold up one of his many signs expressing his discontent with his favorite NFL team.
“Hey Cal The Fans Care Do You?”
“Hey Tommy Boy Cal Sell The Team.”
“Jack Easterby is a snake. FIRE HIM.”
However, as the Texans suffered yet another embarrassment, losing 31-0 to the Colts on Sunday – the first time in franchise history the team has been shut out at home in a regular season game – the 36-year-old diehard fan had seen enough.
After the Colts scored to go up 24-0 midway through the fourth quarter, Baker grabbed his sign and headed near the owner’s box to make sure Texans CEO Cal McNair could hear his grievances.
“I’m just fed up with everything that’s been going on,” Baker said Monday. “It seems like Cal doesn’t care about what goes on with the team. He shows no emotion and just doesn’t seem to care. So, I told everyone I was going to go right in front of his face and make sure he sees it.”
The result is a 45-second video that has gone viral across social media. In the video, Baker holds up his banner – one side says “Hey Cal The Fans Care Do You?” and the flip side says “Hey Tommy Boy Cal Sell The Team” – in front of the suites where the McNair family sits and Baker is yelling, “Sell the team, you loser. You don’t care, you loser. You loser. We care, do you? You don’t care. You don’t care. We care. Sell the team.”
Although the video has gotten plenty of attention online, Baker said he didn’t get much of a reaction from the suite.
“I just got glaring stares from Cal and everyone else in the box,” Baker said. “They were just looking at me.”
Near the end of the video, security arrives and escorts Baker out of the area.
Screw You Cal!!!!! Sell The Team!!!!! @adamclanton @NickScurfield @MC790 @SportsMT @SethCPayne @SeanTPendergast pic.twitter.com/6xr1s9vWp0
Baker wasn’t kicked out of the game. He said security told him he just needed to leave the area and go back to his seat, which he did to an ovation from the fans in his section who had stuck around for the final minutes of another Texans blowout.
“People were just clapping and cheering when I got back,” Baker said. “Everyone couldn’t believe I went over there and did it, but I said enough is enough. He needs to hear it. We’re frustrated. We’re season ticket-holders for 10-plus years and all the people not showing up to games isn’t enough to show him that we don’t care, so I’m going to go voice our opinions to him. I know where he sits, so boom let’s go tell him.”
Baker, who grew up in Houston but currently lives in Austin and drives in for every home game, has been a Texans season ticket-holder for 12 years and tries to attend a couple road games every season with the goal of eventually seeing his team play in every NFL stadium.
And, in each stadium, his signs come with him. In Indianapolis last season – as chronicled in a Sports Illustrated story – Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson motioned for Baker to put down his sign criticizing Texans’ executive vice president of football operations Jack Easterby.
Baker said he generally gets positive reactions from the signs wherever he goes, except when he held them up in Cleveland during Week 2 this season and a Cleveland security guard called him “a disgrace” for being so critical of his own team.
“I do this because I love my team and I want them to be better,” Baker said.
Despite his dissatisfaction with the Texans, who went 4-12 last season and currently are battling for the league’s worst record at 2-10, Baker said he’ll keep going to games and won’t give up his season tickets.
“If I give up my tickets, I’ll never get my seats back,” Baker said. “I still go to the games, because I have fun tailgating with everyone, and everyone who sits around us, we’re all family. So, even though the team is bad, it’s good to be able to see these people that we’ve gotten close to and get to see every other week or so. Even if fans stop going to games, Cal is still making millions of dollars anyway from the NFL’s TV deal, so not going to games isn’t going to change anything. It’s better to go and let everyone know we’re not happy.”
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