7-Second Riddles

Test your brain with a mix of 10 IQ games and riddles with answers! These mind games and riddles can actually help your brain grow! Isn’t it amazing?! You just need to practice solving these at least 20 minutes a day, and after a few weeks, you’ll be impressed by the results!

00:14 – Boost your intuition and logic to the max with this logic riddle! Who is the killer? Which elevator should he not enter?
01:39 – A tricky brain teaser to improve your logical thinking! Why didn’t the robbery succeed? Can you crack the code?
03:10 – Can you do the same? These exercises may look super easy at first sight but when you try to repeat them your mind will be blown!
06:16 – Who killed the prom king? Detective, this criminal case is for you! Talk to suspects and find the killer before the time is up!
07:27 – Who is alive? A small portion of short visual puzzles that will boost your attention and test your logic 😉
08:36 – A thrilling crime riddle with answer for the most attentive detectives. Carefully study the suspects’ statements and figure out who’s lying. This person must be the killer otherwise why should he or she lie?
10:09 – A tricky picture puzzle to find out which hemisphere of your brain dominates. Just look at the pictures and answer the questions without overthinking. Keep your choices in mind and get your result at the end of the video!
13:33 – Which nanny is a killer? Test your logical thinking and attentiveness with this puzzle 😉

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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