Tech News – TikTok is helping Fortnite bring your dance moves in-game – here's how


One of the world's biggest games is teaming up with the social media platform of the moment, as Fortnite kicks off a dance competition in collaboration with TikTok that could see you own dance moves immortalized with an in-game emote.

TikTok users are being encouraged to submit their own "original dance moves" through the short-form video platform, with the promise that winning entries will be turned into emotes (playable dance moves you can use at the touch of a button, often used to celebrate kills or victories) for Fortnite's millions of players.

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It's not a surprising move from Epic Games, the developer behind Fortnite, which has been mired in lawsuits in recent years over emotes in its games that it's based on various viral dances shared online ('flossing', for example); if a dance is explicitly submitted to Epic for use in-game, there's no legal minefield over copyright to navigate.

That's not to say there's no reward for dance creators: winning entries will net you a mix of in-game and IRL goodies, including 25,000 V-Bucks (Fortnite's in-game currency), plus a bundle of merchandise including a satchel, a Funko toy, a pair of hoodies, a battle bus drone (yep), and a Fortnite-branded Jenga game (yep, again).

How do I win that Jenga?

Firstly, you need TikTok. You can use the app in-browser, download it for iOS or Android, or ask TikTok to text you a download link to your phone.

When you're in the app, you just need to film yourself doing an original dance move and tag the video with #EmoteRoyaleContest – but note that the video must be "no longer than fifteen (15) seconds in length", and use one of Epic's pre-approved dance tracks as music for the routine, which can be downloaded here. 

You can read the rest of the official rules, though the most important bit is the submission window: having kicked off on January 18, the competition will run until 11:59pm PT on January 24 (2:59am ET / 7:59am GMT).

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